Nutritional Therapy is the science of how food and nutrients support optimum health and can alleviate a range of health concerns.
There are a whole host of conditions that can be helped with simple changes to diet and lifestyle.
When you think of Nutritionists,  it might conjure up images of Gillian McKeith examining poo and putting people on strict dietary regimes, whilst depriving them of all their favourite foods…      In reality, this is not how it works!
My approach to nutrition is very down to earth and realistic.  I aim to make a positive difference to your well-being in a way that is manageable for you.  As a busy Mum of 3 young boys, I understand the pressures and challenges that life can bring.  I won’t expect you to spend 2 hours a day cooking obscure foods that you won’t enjoy.  I will educate you to make some easy changes, show you shortcuts and provide you with the knowledge and tools to fit this into your busy life.
Successful programmes must be realistic and achievable to get the best results.  This makes them manageable, easy to follow and hopefully enjoyable too!
I am passionate about educating my clients in order that they totally understand the reasons behind the changes that they need to make, after all why would you bother otherwise?

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